Happy Easter to You and Your Family!

The part of the season when we celebrate Easter is a renewing and a breaking away from the world to open a door deeper into the soul. Forgiving and judging go hand in hand with guilt. But through the Holy Spirit, God erases the past so our minds can again breathe and plan the pathway to eternity, reassuring us of our destiny when we forgive ourselves and others who trespassed against us.  

Be brave as you take the steps in this life. You are surrounded by angels, the strength of the Lion and as far reaching into the depths of the Octopus. You will find yourself, if you remember.  Indeed belong here in this time to unleash your brilliance, growing the knowledge of understanding deeper inside your awareness to see what is there. 

You will not know the reason a relationship is in turmoil, or a brother is there with a smile. When something is taken away, you will know how to accept the change by changing. Do not fret but have faith, the blessing of the mind is Truth and Truth is Knowledge. Your only function is to seek this Truth. Open to it, and ask how can you be a blessing to this world?  

My House Farewell 2017 34.jpg

Where are you now?

I am here, my house sold and packed. I am in transit looking for my next dwelling, and space to hold. Where are you in your life, what is upon you? Meet me somewhere, so we can catch up, and the spirit will be upon us. Leave me a message and a time to hear your voice. I’m singing a tune right now that you will like. Meet me in the afternoon sun, we will wear sunny hats and eat the cheese melting in the heat. I will be in a sundress, my legs tan, you in your tight trousers with Salvatore Ferragamo’s Oxford shoes handing me a flower from your garden.
— © GMC 2018
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